IN CHINA – 15th October 2011

Pakistanis are always interested in finding out what curse words you know in Urdu, or how you curse or insult people in your language.

I can tell you, some of their insults are very…colourful…how eggs and body parts are put in a sentence to insult your mother can be extreme.

Ayway, so Junaid our Pakistani friend was over at our flat as usual, and asked my Chinese housemate how do you say ‘fuck you’ in Chinese.

After a few seconds of deep thinking, she replied, with a really serious face btw,

‘In China, we do not fuck you, we fuck your relatives..and we usually start with your mother.’


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One thought on “IN CHINA – 15th October 2011

  1. wayward foe says:

    coolest roommate ever.

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