In Search of A Barber – September 27th 2011

You guys should know that for a guy who is mostly bald most of the time, the barbershop is a part of life. You cannot just choose a barber at random. The barber has to be right for you. He has to touch your head in a special way. You and him have to be so in psynch that you move your head without being asked, you lean to one side before he nudges your head, and you sit there with your eyes closed. Think Avatar when the blue people aka Omatikaya people, have to bond with that animal they ride (The dragon like thing.)

Looking for a barber takes time. You walk into a barbershop, you make eye contact, and the dance begins. You take your seat, and the barber whose eye you caught, makes his way slowly to you. Again you make eye contact, this time using the mirror in front of you. He looks into your eyes, he looks into yours.  He places his hands on your head, and from that first touch you know…you know whether this relationship has been built to last. You know if this is the kind of man, whom you trust so much, that you can close your eyes, and go blank as he does his business…dear mailing list, it’s a bond…

Yesterday, I found my barber. I don’t know his name, I don’t need to. We don’t speak the same language, but his first touch sealed the deal. More on my heartbreaks before I found the right barber in Karachi later.

Ps, I am not gay.

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