SLOW BUY OR QUICK FIX – 30th October 2011

This week I went shopping around for a blog. I considered 2 options, wordpress and blogspot.

All the good bloggers I know use or used wordpress. All my friends with blogs that I know about use wordpress, except one special one that uses blogbus- but I don’t trust that name, ‘blogbus’ 😉

So I opened my blog, it wasn’t exciting, it was intimidating- I knew it would force me to post often as opposed to my sporadic-when-I-feel-interesting  mail/spam posts. I chose a name, I edited the ‘about’ page, I edited it again, I changed the title, I closed one of the blogs I had created that I thought had a silly name, I changed the tagline, and then the shit hit the fan! I couldn’t insert pictures into my post.

One day passed.

I tried again. I was using Internet Explorer. I thought that might be the problem. I’m not allowed to install any software on my machine, so I wrote an official mail to the IT department at work. ‘Dear Mubashir I need google chrome to facilitate (insert online work tasks here).’ I copied the IT HOD, lol. They installed it. I still couldn’t upload pics.

Another day passed.

I googled it, I found HUNDREDS of users who experience the problem; they even have a name for it, ‘the white screen of death’. TEREN TEREN TEN TEREN!

It’s been a week now and I still can’t post pictures. WTF! And to make it worse, I found a theme I really wanted to use.

Today I went to blogspot, I figured it out in 10 minutes- but still, I didn’t want to use it. It made everything so easy, changing themes, editing posts, changing the background image, changing the font color…then I saw that one of their themes is a picture of Kibera, and I said screw it. I am not using this loud space, which in my blog-reading, mostly anonymous people write about who they banged and fell for or who they want to bang..tsk…

Then a friend of mine suggested I take a look at Weebly, which was pretty decent. But who knows weebly? What’s your blog name my friends would ask, and I would say ‘___ .weebly.’ The next question would be ‘ eh? ati dot what?’ She also suggested I check out, but it turned out so fluffy, it said ‘express yourself in the 21st century, meet likeminded people, blabla, respect nyefnyef’ the stuff nudist colony philosophers believe.

So I went back to wordpress. WordPress is like the shop that you really like though you can never get EXACTLY what you want. It sells classics. You can get a knock off at blogspot that looks almost the same but still there’s a difference you can’t explain. Blogspot is the mutumba/ old Indian shop. Blogspot allows you to customize your t-shirts, stocks jelly g-strings, anything! But it’s all cheap, used stuff- even the jelly g-string has stains.

Simply put, wordpress is the shit, blogspot is the shit you settle for. And this is where wordpress should pay me.

Am going for THE shit, so if and until I figure it out, there will be no pictures on the blog.  DAMN wordpress!

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One thought on “SLOW BUY OR QUICK FIX – 30th October 2011

  1. mumbi says:

    eeeew, ati even the g strings have stains??? WordPress rocks

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