THE LANGUAGE OF POWER – 28th October 2011

SITUATION 1:  4 men, 2 guns driving in a car. Motorbike does something stupid, car driver hoots impatiently. Motorbike rider insults the car driver, driver comes alongside motorbike as back passenger slowly rolls down his window. Motorbike driver can clearly see the nuzzle of the AK between the back passengers feet. Hand-break stop right in-front of the motorbike, cold fear in the now denying motorbike driver’s eyes, apologizing for something he said he didn’t do.

SITUATION 2: Fun day at the beach, 4 passengers no guns, heading home. Another car with teenagers speeds by, silly kids showing the finger and lewd faces. Unexpectedly, driver gives chase, 80kph, 100 kph and gaining, 120, 130kph car screaming we overtake and change lanes, now in front of the teens’ car.  Suddenly driver SLAMS the brakes, teens swerve to avoid ramming into us, teens try to overtake to get away, driver blocks their efforts, teens clearly panicking swerve twice, driver finally lets them pass and they speed off no doubt scares shitless. We drive on in silence…

‘There’s only one language.., power..’

These words are so dark, they give me a sort of sick feeling, kind of suffocating and hopeless and numb. It’s something a Pakistani friend of mine said to me, when I asked about all the guns, gun shops and how much force the elite class here shows. For example, there is a neighbor of ours that has a small personal barracks outside his house. It occupies the plot next to his home, and is covered in canvas tents to house his approximately 30 personal guards. You can’t walk past his house without feeling like you’ll get shot in the left side of your glutteus if you look like you farted.

I definitely DO NOT endorse ANY of the realities above, but, Pakistan taught me a very valuable lesson. Really sometimes the only language that people understand is power.

So now I totally support what the Kenyan army is doing in Somalia. An unruly neighbor has been sticking their fingers in our eyes for too long, to the extent that they sent us a video saying how they will invade Nairobi. The poorly done clip was aired on NTV/KTN news months back, with a guy singing ‘…Nairobi tutaingia, InshAllah tuataingia’. SMH

Obviously right now I only follow Kenyan news online, and I am at risk of sounding like those ‘disaporites’ that always have something to say despite not having been home for 10 years- but my opinion is that random retaliatory attacks are inevitable; however the risk of doing nothing as these people slowly crumple our sovereignty is worse. Power is necessary, maybe even the only choice.  From capturing ships in free waters, these people are now walking into Kenyan territory and freely abducting people. How long before they take over Lamu and we sit and watch paralyzed in fear. Good on Kenya that we have the balls to take them on!

I also think (and this is not my online-generated opinion) that the Al-Shabab have no capability to sustain organized fight against any army, this is why we took Ras Kamboni over with no resistance. I like to think that this proves my theory right.

Anyway, on a lighter note, there are a few things our army probably needs to learn, especially regarding public statements; some of which I have read that cracked me up, mostly from this guy called Maj Chirchir, military spokesman so I found out.

‘..this Al Shabab is a lizard, with its body in Somalia and its tail here in Eastleigh…’ SMH.

‘…there are air strikes being conducted in Somalia, though I don’t know who is doing them, it’s not us, probably its one of our allies…’ ATI WHAT?! YOU DON’T KNOW??

“There are certainly other actors in this theatre carrying out other attacks,” said Kenya’s Major Emmanuel Chirchir. * walking away in disbelief

This exercise is called ‘Operation Linda Nchi..’ E+ for creativity. Or maybe I watch too much TV

‘ they are running scared, I think they are busy running for their lives’ Does this sound like a game to you, this is what bullies say on the playground…where nobody gets killed. Mutua Mutua, his public statements should just be ‘No Comment’ it’s safer

‘the Kenyan Navy is likely to taste some action this week…’ I GIVE UP

God Speed to the Kenya Armed Forces.

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