DUSK 2011, DAWN 2012

2011, to-date the most unforgettable year of my life…

Adventure, pain, disappointment, dreams, constant evaluation and re-evaluation, sickness,lifelong lessons, fear, adventure.

My sister fell sick, one of my best friends IS sick, a friend finally graduated, I drove my sister to her wedding, I became an uncle again, I started a blog, I questioned myself, I doubted myself, I learnt…

I claimed 2011 as ‘The Year of The Chase’…I was not going to sit around and wait for opportunity to come my way; I would try, fail, not settle and keep trying. That’s how I came to Pakistan, after failing an interview for Rio (complete opposite scene eh? 😉 ) this was probably my biggest achievement to date, leaving 2 solid job offers to chase my dream and live alone abroad…in retrospect, it seems like quite the mundane goal but the experiences that came with were and continue to be more phenomenal than I expected.

The lessons of 2011 will set the theme for 2012. The failures of 2011 will be the goals of 2012, and the achievements of 2011 will hopefully become the habits of 2012 and beyond.

DUSK 2011

Recently, I remember in campus how my friends always complained about my speaking style. They all said I was too harsh, too matter-of-fact, apparently lacking in tact of any sort. They said I was too abrasive…maybe they were too sensitive.

The other day, I suddenly realized that I no longer see that abrasive guy.So I looked for him, but instead I found the complete opposite; a diplomatic guy too careful not to offend the people around him, a guy riddled with politeness. Polite behavior is fine, but I also saw that this guy would compromise too often in order to avoid conflict, and I hated that part of him…that part that held back when all he really wanted to say was F*CK OFF. His name is Pussy-foot.

I wondered where Pussy-foot came from; and I realized he was the evolution of Abrasive. Unlike Abrasive, he was no longer in a predictable situation, i.e. school, home, party, school…he was in a situation where he needed people to survive, he was in a situation where he needed to make new friends, to re-establish himself, he was lost in a crowd, it was a whole new game – with new rules to learn. His first instinct was to avoid the fights, blend in with the pack, and so he evolved into a careful guy, Pussy-foot. Pussy-foot was quite popular,and with some disappointment(even mild disgust), I noticed his own  popularity was the most useless kind, the kind that comes devoid of respect-the ‘nice-guy’ popularity as a result of his unrelenting compromise.

Not to say that Pussy-foot didn’t achieve his goals, but looking at him, Iwas embarrassed and I missed Abrasive’s methods. Abrasive was the kind of guy that shot on sight; Pussy-foot shot only after long questioning debates about the consequences of shooting and the rules. Admittedly, Abrasive wasn’t much of a thinker; but Pussy-foot was too much of a thinker, he was too careful. A balance was/is necessary, between evaluation and shooting on instinct/ guesswork (cc Kenya Police)

Pussy-foot was possibly a necessary evolution. From his peaceful corner, he was able to re-discover himself, and observe this game quietly and from a distance and decide on a strategy. Now he puts on his boots and is rearing to get back on the field. He gave Abrasive a necessary break, but he sees Abrasive is an extremely essential ally on the field…they need each other, they area a team.

They say good things come to those who wait, but I recently read that the good things that come to those that wait are only those things that were left over by those that went chasing…so cheers to‘THE YEAR OF THE CHASE – 2011’

~ DAWN 2012 ~

2012 – New challenges, and the significance of mid-twenties, with the lessons of this past year, I Chase harder, fight as necessary, give respect and EARN it, so God speed.


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4 thoughts on “DUSK 2011, DAWN 2012

  1. savvy says:

    Happy New Year! Since my dreams of traveling are kind of on hold; I shall live them through you…!

  2. wayward foe says:

    i can’t believe you were ever the pussy footed man what! things do change i guess your abrasiveness was a part of your character but then i realised the other day that i can’t stay angry at people who make me laugh. and thanks for the grad shoutout whether or not i was mentioned frien

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