Candid Camera I

My time here in Karachi is drawing to a close.

I can actually start counting down the weeks…bittersweet…10 or is it 9 right now.

While saying goodbye to Egypt, my friend Wayward Foe  said, ‘…We talked about the future and made all these plans to meet each other again but… the saddest thing about goodbyes may be the lie we tell at them. Most real goodbyes are forever…’ He captured goodbyes perfectly. It’s hard to accept right now, but it’s probably true that I may never see some of these people EVER again, at least not like this or with the same combination of people.

So as I begin to say my goodbyes to my life and family here, here are a few videos and photos – most from my crap windows phone (and very first smart phone 🙂 ) for your viewing and my memory.


At our stairs

We live in a pretty shady neighbourhood; apparently it’s known for whores, phone-snatchers and brothels.

I just think its dark, has too many layabouts, but is convenient.

Our building used to have a tuition centre, so probably this is what the kids used to do on their breaks.

A Sunday Morning Outside Our Building


This video has my main people in Pakistan…well, there’s a groupie in the video- guess which one she is, and one missing dude.

This is a unique group of people, one is gay and insists on wearing Speedos on a Pakistani beach LOL (he’s not in this video though), one is my fellow African, loud-as-hell and has pigeons living in his kitchen, one is younger than all of us but the man of his house since his dad passed away – also the most loyal person I know, and one eccentric South American who writes letters, has never joined Facebook and can make anything taste like a slice of Heaven, from coffee to sweet corn to some random lentils.

There are a lot of other special people, but these 4 and especially these 3 other guys in the video make/made this experience something else.

I wasn't kidding about the pigeons

We spend a lot of time doing this, so next time there’s a party, please call your local expert. I’ll bring my bong along.

HKK Photography

And off course there was the unforgettable girl that happened in Pakistan… [photo withheld]


As far as excitement in unique experiences goes, Karachi did not disappoint.

Scuba Diving in the Arabian Sea - Karachi Scuba Diving Centre on Facebook

Shooting AK's

Snorkelling – Divers Reef Karachi on Facebook

I didn’t realize it until I started this post, but the Arabian Sea has allowed me to really enjoy my time here…I actually live quite close to the sea, but it is really filthy unless you go down considerably further, like Nairobi – Thika far / Kisumu – Kakamega far.

Being out on the sea, especially in a boat allows you to just be. You bump up and down, water splashing all over the place, enjoy the breeze as the sea-sick wretch over the sides, and listen to the boat’s motor churn the waves.

Coast at Mubarak Village- The Arabian Sea

Once btw, on this beach on the left, some Pakistani with a red beard  and shades on started to speak to me in Kiswahili…he looked dodgy as hell and apparently lives in Ngara…and this beach is REMOTE, like 2 hours away from Karachi…haha, what are the odds!

I especially loved the one time I went fishing- such a peaceful time of nothingness…and one fish when everyone else caught 4+ 😮

Peace and Nothingness - The Arabian Sea

More to come…and if there’s anything that I ever said about Karachi that you want to see, leave a comment and I will record and post it. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Candid Camera I

  1. wayward foe says:

    goodbyes are always sad, and 9 weeks fly by, its weird i have just about the same time, maybe a few weeks more here before i say goodbye to europe, i feel now like nothing lasts as long as it used to. a month is nothing, remember when we were in high school and a year felt forever but now i already have to think about next year and feel like this one is gone. am glad you fell for pakistan, its nice to love a place that’s not home and shisha, when we’re for once not talking to each other through posts and comments we have to light one up(there’s no such thing in norway)

  2. I like your AK-47 shooting pic, you look tall, dark and handsome from this angle 🙂

    I hate goodbyes.

    • Just Jere says:

      unfortunately, those are false allegations…i’m not that tall, not that dark and not that handsome. lakini game yangu ni kali x-D yes goodbyes suck, but its a chance to say hello to something better 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    i feel you, you may never see them again, glad you are having a wonderful time, enjoy your last weeks

  4. […] measure, here are some of the awesome views in the city, apart from the sea that you already saw in this post: Jinnah Memorial- the tomb of Pakistan’s founding Father Qaid-e-Azam Mohatta Palace […]

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