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Back in Town

I left Karachi on the 27th of May- destination- Nothern Areas of Pakistan, the idea itself somewhat crazy,especially since we were passing through Chilas-couldn’t afford the flights. Inaitwa kutembea na Yesu.

I had a team of 4, but one true travel companion through thick and thin. Through the diarrhea and good times, through the stares on narrow streets, through taxi, bus rides and free rides in V6 Mark X’s, through fleecing annoying airport officials and luggage loss on local flights,

Photo Credit: Alireza Teimoury

through dropping phones in public shitters and fishing them out (and using a whole bottle of sanitizer thereafter) through open-truck rides and security checks and threats, through thousands of rupees and eventually financial hemorrhage, was a hardy Polish girl that smiled all through and slept and stirred on the bumpy bus rides

and lay in a tent besides mine or with me on a couchsurfer’s  bed.

Photo Credit: Alireza Teimoury – Concordia

Our adventure took us to some of the most beautiful places I ever imagined existed,

Photo Credit: Alireza Teimoury

to my first snow experience, to my first attempt at stealing lone mules (out of necessity). It allowed us to experience Baltistan hospitality and Afghan food, washed down with smuggled American army dishes.

FYI, you can find anything in Pakistan

It put us in contact with amazing dreadlocked and pierced Italians travelling the world on a motorbike with no fixed dates or destinations and only one aim- go East, it put us in awkward urban situations with Philippino nannies over dinner, to suspected Australian junkies in the middle of nowhere to French freeloaders and unpleasant UN Ethiopians.

Our adventure took us down to sub-zero (-20) temperatures,

Photo Credit: Alreza Teimoury

and back to cloud 9 with Pakistani hash. It took us on narrow winding roads, dangerous stretches and security checks

with offers to sit down and enjoy green tea as we waited for our armed escort – intimidating bullet-proof vested bearded with crazy eyes but the friendliest and humblest hearts.

Our adventure taught us how to sing in languages we did not understand and drown in infatuation for people we will never see again.

Photo Credit: Alireza Teimoury – Baltistan’s Care Bear – Mamu

Our adventure took us to the base of the highest points in the world, towering 7000/8000m asl giants bowing down to their greedy god,K2, the 8611m asl monstrosity straddling Pakistan and China. Our adventure took us to the lair of this beast, right to his 5007m asl dungeons, with the bodies of the brave that dared challenge his might. All he left is their bones buried under rocks, and a shoe here and there that he forgot to devour in his greed.

Those that worship the beast place silver plates and mementos- a tribute to the fallen heroes, a photo and epitaph here and there to commemorate those now Buried in The Sky.

Photo Credit: Alireza Teimoury

Photo Credit: Alireza Teimoury

Photo Credit: Alireza Teimoury – K2 8611m asl