Monthly Archives: July 2012

Coming Soon

I want to tell you about the 6 degrees of separation.

I want to tell you first hand stories from pornstars, American ambassadors, VIP lounges, guitarists, bloated egos and new blackberries.

I am back in Kenya, and still broke from my K2 expedition and flight home. I still haven’t shared the full extent of that trip, and my memory is quickly fading. My feet are itchy and i sense that soon i will be on the move again, and i haven’t even told you about my pornstar yet.

Thing is, I no long have a laptop (I’m embarrassed of this fact…embarrassed like someone caught me pooping in the bushes- and that’s another lesson I want to teach, how to poop comfortably And discretely in the great outdoors) Plans are being made to acquire a laptop, so I can preserve my memories, and entertain those of you that are entertained.

I make a promise to myself in public, that I will tell you about my first fake boobs and bizarre people in exactly 8 days. I.e. Come back next Saturday.