Another Journey Begins

I am sitting on a couch, but I suspect its broken. It’s what I slept on, inside my sleeping bag. Upon closer inspection, it seems not to be a couch, its

There is a small table in-front of me, there are dubious looking half empty bottles of  vodka on it, and long beer cans, mostly empty. There are socks on the floor, and the floor is sticky, like someone poured soda or beer.

A guy that knows me just walked into the house, I think he lives here. I don’t know his name, but from his accent he’s British, and I think he’s the guy that bought me a drink last night, cause we found like 500 on the ground on the way to the club where I bought drinks from a test-tube. He has a really nasty cough.

Now someone else walked into the house, I think he lives here as well cause he’s in house shoes. Its midday but he just woke up it seems. Him and the coughing dude are sitting on the other couch, its dark brown. They’ve just started playing FIFA, looks like an x-box. They’re using like a 32inch TV in the corner. I guess it must be a cheap TV, as nice as it looks, cause the coughing guy is punching it so that the lines go away. He’s thumping it really hard.

I just went up the stairs to the bathroom, I had to step over a guy asleep on the corridor. When I found the shower earlier, I couldn’t find the tap, so I just had a bath instead…not a big fan of baths, I think they’re counterproductive, its sitting in dirty water, how is that meant to clean you.

The guy blacked out on the corridor also knows my name, but I don’t think he lives here, why would he crush on the floor if he has a bed somewhere…unless he blacked out. I guess that’s possible.

I got to this city last night. It was cold, but not as cold as I expected it to be. Still, girls are walking around in tiny shorts and stockings or tights or whatever those translucent things are.  A lot of the guys have tattoos, like the guy I had seen earlier at the bus stop. He had one on his neck, but he looked like 20 maximum. He was making out with his girlfriend, and I am not talking about PDA. His hands were on her ass, and her right hand briefly went to his balls…as in out on the street. My friend and I stared, ‘aiished’ laughed, and then felt shady, so we resolved to act cool in future. Ya right, I will always stare in amazement/amusement.

My phone died on me, meaning no googlemaps, and no calls for help. I had all my luggage with me, and all I knew was that I was going to Rhymney Street, and was it house 54 or 58? The address was on my phone. Uh oh, apparently, there’s also a place called Rumney. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Another Journey Begins


  2. Savvy Kenya says:

    See, I told you another journey will turn up!

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