Welcome Back

Happy New Year everyone!

I don’t know what people say when they neglect their duties for oh so long. I obviously haven’t posted in a while, and I was flattered to see that a couple of friends asked what’s not going on and the blog stats on this also went almost to zero.It’s flattering because it means some people actually purpose to come here, and I think a big part of blogging is knowing that people will read your stuff. I always wonder if its egotistic or attention seeking but who cares 😀

It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to write about, but I have to be honest too, that Wales doesn’t always turn me on 24/7 like Pakistan did. So my thoughts are processed much slower and are never as exciting. Though, there have been some interesting discoveries here too, like that white girls love smelling their own hair ‘secretly’ though I always catch them at it. I dunno if you Miros usually smell your braids/dreads or your hair if its long enough? Also, Chinese people (because of the hours they spend in class I concluded) can do really REALLY cool things with their pens in class. They spin them and do a lot of cool almost circus shit without blinking away from the lecturer. And another thing about the Chinese is that they are efficient, but in a chaotic way as opposed to Germans who are efficient in a clean way. They even eat raw pork (what would Moha do?) and really you must be efficient if you can make raw pork of all things safe for human consumption- tapeworms are usually rife in swines.

Yes, there have been things worth writing about. How great a cook I have become, I even make celery. #makofi! As in who makes celery unless they really know what they are doing. It tastes like toothpaste though, does anyone agree? It has a toothpasty thing going on, and if you don’t know what celery is google that shit ’cause you ain’t a pro until you know what celery is,

And off course I have also watched Dida being quite the specimen, and have been thoroughly impressed by Martha and Muite, and a little disappointed in ‘cattle lusra’ PK.

I have also answered a million questions (and in the process formulated theories and plans of action) when people ask me why the KE presidential debate is in English, why I talk to my family in English ( I often desparately clutch at ‘no, no I don’t speak English to my dad, we mix 3 languages…but yes, 90% is English!’ ) and whether everyone in Kenya speaks English…so then why is the presidential debate in English. #nocomment

I could also tell you about how I left Facebook and as a result my social life here is admittedly slightly handicapped, but because I am too proud to admit I might need it and that it is a big part of how we socialize so I am not re-opening it anytime soon. Like that Zuckerbag you ultimate father of stalker men! (Y)

Urm, I could also tell you about the slavery museum I saw in Liverpool. I even took notes at that museum, mad nerd tendencies, but only because I purposed to read more and download here. The museum will definitely come, briefly though, once upon a time, after too much wine, I declared that African Americans have nothing to do with Africa and should stop referring to themselves as such. I was speaking to an African American btw ( and I knew it #facepalm). Anyway, the slavery museum at Liverpool definitely changed my outlook.

In Liverpool too I met a couple of hippies, who taught me about The Beatles (whose hometown is Liverpool). They also taught me how to get on a train for free, how to pretend to be Spanish and ‘me not understanding englays’ when caught, and that Tescos ‘serves’ free food every night after hours.

Then off course there’s been the really heavy-duty stuff going on, how to strike a balance in the midst of that , learning to trust Sir God over again, carrying on in the face of adversity, hivo hivo. Lakini before we get so serious, there has also been an Abba concert thrown in somewhere there.

So in short, there’s much to be said, and it will be rolled out.

Oh and because I still meet people and recycle stories about the 2012 trip to K2, which btw, is the 2nd highest mountain in the whole wide world, and has some of the largest glaciers outside the Polar regions- just saying) I am planning 2013’s adventure, and it involves bulls, small streets and red scarves. It won’t be recorded with a funny Sony Ericsson though, ’cause an EOS 1100 is overdue and Inshallah on its way.

Ehhh, otherwise? Vote wisely, and it’s good to be back.


9 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought I’d scared you away:-D

  3. Princess Achieng says:

    How i had missed your writing 🙂

  4. Glad you’re back, awaiting to read your stories in Wales, loved the Pakistani ones!

  5. wayward foe says:

    there’s lot of stories promised her, so i’ll wait for them, and good luck with the advnture, one a year is important

  6. Anonymous says:

    Aha, the blog is back, keep them coming dude!!!

  7. Sheba says:

    Welcome Back Just!

  8. LynnKe says:

    Love your blog. Good stuff!

  9. Angie Kagume says:

    Welcome back. reading your blog has been on my to do list for a while and am glad I came to find 2 new articles 🙂 First of, raw pork? that must be so disgusting not to mention a health risk! PK also disappointed me and others so you are not alone. Now, how do you pretend you are spanish? kuna kitu kama African Spaniard? LOL..

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