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For those of you who still appear here once in a while hoping, and getting disappointed, please look at my friends’ blogs as I do my essay on China that is refusing to materialize.

These friends do not need any ‘hand-outs’ so to speak, as they are much better bloggers than I am…but if you often come here, then YOU WILL ENJOY THEM.

The first blog is from Angie, who I met many years ago now. She is unconventional, she has many dreadlocks and lives life without conventions- she is very wise. She is very kind. (If you’re reading this, I had said a lot of things about her that she thought made her sound crazy, lol)

I met Angie back in uni, before she moved to India, found a job and bumped into Sid, now his wife. Together these awesome people spread their coolness, breathing techniques, yoga sunshine stuff and the best beans you will ever eat. And to think we both didn’t think we could ever be friends. Haha.

Here are her tales largely from Chennai

For those of you who aren’t Kenyan, you will enjoy her writing more than you do mine, because she writes in clear English, and puts kiswahili in italics etc. You don’t have to know her to enjoy her stories.

Now that she is old married and all that, she’s just started a more general social commentary over here.

Next up, someone I also met in university, Wairimu. First thing I noticed apart from her short dreadlocks at the time (they have since grown to rastaworthy proportions) was her pants that had a small hole in them #rugged. She was cool people, and though we haven’t met for years, we still keep the chat up cause we don’t have lives. See you on gmail!

She first moved to France, and then to India, managing to sidestep Indian boys, and generally entertaining us here.

She rolls with the punches this one, her writing bites butts.

At some point, she moved back to France and decided to become a fabulous bish #fingersnap, drinking wine, wearing short skirts and those (nasty but apparently fashionable) ankle-high boots. She is now a strong advocate for ‘healthy eating and  changing lives’ – stuff the general male audience  doesn’t have time for. But though this blog has nothing to do with my aspirations, I’m a size 8 baby, it’s funny, well-written and in her typical style, well thought out and punchy.

Then, if you like current affairs, and looooong posts, there’s my brother in many crimes. Magaria, aka Grega, one of the smartest people I know. We went to part of primary and high school together before I decided to dedicate my Uni life to inspiring him. LOL. We’ve had many drinking sessions, amnesia sessions, breaking-bad ob-sessions and bullshitting disguised as philosophizing sessions. He was in the thick of things in Cairo, when Horseknee Mobarack, was overthrown. He was even in that centre where they were giving out tear-gas for free, I think its called ‘The Centre’ or something creative like that. Then he exchanged the heat for the cold people and ice of Norway, getting frozen at borders because he didn’t realize he didn’t have a visa for his destination #facepalm and other misadventures. You’ll have to dig deep ’cause he writes like 2 posts a week, v.consistent unlike some of us#crickets.

He also threw the BEST party ever when we were 21 with all kinds of drama going on, cars getting stuck in the compound, fires being lit, me crashing someones sister’s A-class (Chichi, where are you?)

Then there’s Drewsome Onyango. To be fair, we rarely talk, but we stay in touch though our history is not long and colorful. He talks like he’s on a documentary…deep voice and weird English-ish accent. He is funnier than Obama comparing Kenya to Syria. #stilldon’tbelieveit. Andrew has done the most candid documentary I ever watched since Tujuane.

Please watch it.

He has also done another documentary about pigs and a smart girl called Sheba. #mulikwad

Here’s his awesome blog

Start in any order.