K2- Karakoram Range

Last year, I did a hike to K2, the 2nd highest mountain in the world. I have been meaning to write or at least post photos of the trip. It’s finally high time I did so, because this year’s adventure planning is underway.

So for those in search of K2 or interested in doing one of the treks in Baltistan/ Northern Pakistan, please note that I didn’t climb K2. I did the base camp trek, max altitude we reached was 5007m asl. Well, we went a little beyond the base camp and reached K2 memorial, which is definitely a lot more interesting than the base camp. K2 memorial is basically a shrine for all the mountaineers that have died trying to climb K2, it’s a sad eery yet peaceful place. So for you, I will try put in useful tips for how we organized the trip, i.e. what buses we took, where we found guides etc.

For the usual readers, I will write about the drive there, and the people we met or other adventures that we had. I think it was a pretty life-changing adventure, which is why I decided to do something like it every year. This year it’s Pamplona, the Bull Festival in Spain this July B-)

On the K2 trip, we were lucky enough to be trekking with Alireza Teimoury, an avid mountaineer and photographer from Iran. Then there was his wife, Mojdeh, seen here walking towards K2. She taught us you can look amazing even after 8 hours of walking. She looked HOT, all the time. Really, we don’t know how she did it, along with being our nurse, tailor and entertainer.

K2 - Alireza Teimoury

Mojdeh and K2 – Alireza Teimoury

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