Adventure 2013

I did not call my family over the weekend, that’s when I always call some of the so many.

I have been shirtless the  whole day- there’s nothing to see, just shows my disorientation.

I have been nervously watching my bank account get depleted.

I have no idea where to sleep in 2 days in 3 cities for one week. I am mildly considering carrying that tent, but that’s too conspicuous. My trusted sleeping bag might be better.

I have no idea what to email my supervisor, I will deal with him later though he wants to be dealt with now.

I am on google translate, sending random messages to people on 3 different website telling them

‘mi nombre es Jere, soy de kenia…blabla’

After that i say i hope they speak english, then put a smiley face in case it’s offensive.

It is stressful that i don’t even know if i have enough money to do this, but it always works out…that’s what peoples’ blogs say.

I don’t think I will talk to you till next week. I was stressed in the morning, now I think everything is funny, tomorrow will probably see me panic, which is why I wrote now.

I will call my family tomorrow. I will make sure it sounds like I know what I am saying.



6 thoughts on “Adventure 2013

  1. Anonymous says:

    Haiya makanjo! 🙂

  2. Sean says:

    Living the life, Jere. Utamake-it, if not piga simu, tutaanza campaign, kama ile ya Zack alipoenda SA. Hang tight and put your clothes back on!

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeah put your clothes back on 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha I just asked dad to read your blog 😀

  5. wayward foe says:

    these things do work out, and i get lost more than most. the world takes care of drunks and fools. so don’t worry it got you

  6. Looking forward to hearing about this adventure

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